How can I disable the integrated video card while installing a new extrenal AGP card on th Anyone else have any luck? Originally Posted by stenvik I have Pata plextor dvd burner. The integrated graphics produce far less heat and use far less power than the add on graphics card. Originally Posted by cybrsage Heat and power use. Egyptian Tomb Home Theater!!!

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Originally Posted asus n8500gt cybrsage Heat and power use. Originally Posted by Starsky Also, more heat requires more cooling asus n8500gt means more fan noise generally, but that can be mitagated by the case you choose or locating the HTPC in a m8500gt room.

Never had n85000gt issue with not being able to display video onto my Panny plasma which was set to 1: Originally Posted by asus n8500gt for a dvd burner i would go for samsung as they are cheap and good, around 25 to 30 dollars, if you want blu ray id say go LG. Users have reported asus n8500gt no real issues with i content though, so all we’re left with is 24p.

Fix sometime Trident AGP no asus n8500gt Can someone asus n8500gt has the board please take a look and confirm whether or not the board can boot from a USB key? Support more flash ROM 3. This site uses cookies to only capture URL parameters, count visitor number, share functions and etc. I have just enough technical knowledge in this area to get myself into trouble.


My plan is to then just point TMT to the movie folder and playing it back.

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Originally Posted by pclausen I played around with this some more today and got it sort of asus n8500gt. Had to remove the card and reset the bios asus n8500gt get it working again using only asue IGP.

It seems to have already been fixed in the coming software player updates as well. Is the E powerful enough of a CPU for this board?

About the PF4 v1.

Perhaps starting out with using the VGA port makes it the default? Is asus n8500gt any asus n8500gt reason I might be missing? I’ve read a bunch of threads on this forum about the G45 mainboard and the 24p issue is a big thing to me.

Egyptian Tomb Home Theater!!! Heat and power use. L51AI – Notebook Computer.

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We watched asus n8500gt couple of movies last night on the Intel G45 rig MKV’s and after about 10 minutes, the audio was behind by almost 20 seconds! I installed an gt and it works fine for the vista install process using the generic graphics driver but once I install nvidia’s drviers or evga’s drivers I get a asus n8500gt screen the next time I boot.


Originally Posted asus n8500gt snowjim Is p24 working on this board? ATX cases are larger by definition so easier to cool but can eat a lot of rack space. Asus n8500gt if it’s diffucult to understand my explanations here if anything is unclear n8500gtt let me know and I’ll try to better explain.

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The A has no SiS video chipset that can let the system screen display on another ter Just about every mobo I’ve read about in asus n8500gt past three years has asus n8500gt this ability, I hope the P5Q-EM isn’t lacking this. But alas, no audio in this mode either.

Given the attention this issue is getting I expect a quick fix, and then we’ll have the perfect HTPC chipset. Any reason at all? Heat and power use are not a concern for me either. And is ther a big diffrence?

Originally Posted by kevinkreiser Yeah I know. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.