How can you be sure nothing else is wrong with it? Need step by step on connecting ubuntu 8. I did use them with separate NIC, but as I was concerned that something else might have broken too, so I returned them. Spec is read and write. Feb 16, 2. But then I ran across this website http:

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You probably do from all the stuff done previously but execute this command ashs in case: Its not worth to RMA because of non-working network adapter. Just be careful not to overtighten the screws and crack the board – a common and often fatal error. Originally Posted by Paul Langdon.

There was a hundred plus on my machine. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.


Feb 17, 5. It seems that your only option is to download the source for 2. Best practice is to use no washers.

This step compiling and installing the ethernet kernel module must be repeated after each kernel update. So make sure oc does not affect pci bus speed. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.


My detailed notes are below.

P5Q Pro network adapter no longer detected

Then install or make sure they are installed the following packages: Now is when you can install the “nvidia-settings” module using the Adept manager or apt-get.

Any thoughts about getting one of these? Using cfq doesn’t make any sense for a random-access device. X did not crash and all was well Tags jauntyraidubuntu Thread Tools. I also could not get Gpodder running because I did not first check dependencies and gpod seems to fail if the dependencies aren’t satisfied prior to installation.

[all variants] Asus P5Q Pro with Attansic gigabit nic won’t work

Before, with the Adept driver “nvidia-glx-new,” the best I could get from the monitor was something like x Antec makes quiet and quality PSUs. In KDE, a hardware card icon will stay in the system tray after this.

This makes for an extraordinarily linuux system, even compared to the Velociraptor.

I really was not too excited about my choices in mid-range motherboards, but thanks to them, I feel reasonably confident I’ll like my new box. You will also note all of the solid state capacitors on this board, which replace the larger tehernet ones on older boards.


You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. A few days ago my beloved Abit NF7-S v2 died and I was very disappointed to discover that Abit ceased making motherboard at the end of I had read complaints about the Zalman cooler and the flatness of the processor contact plate. That’s what partition backups and battery UPS are for.

It looks like it will be a very nice GUI in the future however. Reducing the commit time means that I may lose two minutes worth of data on the system partition in the event of power failure, etc.

I personally couldn’t be happier with this setup. I used Midnight Commander at this point, but if you’re comfortable with editing files proceed as follows: Reviews at Phoronix indicated the Intel Core 2 Duo line of processors were well supported in the Linux kernel.