Meaning that the RPC server is not available. An update of the driver indicates that ther is no better version for the driver. I suppose it’s not a driver problem. Monday, December 17, CardGetContainerInfo must return container information even if the caller is not authenticated. I am just a little bit desapointed.

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Ultimately the manufacturer is responsible for fixing their product and testing it properly. Friday, December 14, 8: CardGetContainerInfo must return container information even if the caller is not authenticated.

gmplus Friday, December 7, 7: After the call to sCardListReaders, the following messages are displayed: Thanks in advance if you find the solution. Does UAC on or off make a difference? The smart card service is correctly started and there is no error reported.

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In the window ‘Permissions for Calais’, click OK. I suppose it’s not a driver problem. Thursday, December 6, 7: In the window ‘Advance Security Settings for Calais”, activate the option ‘Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects’ and click OK.


The truth comes from Belgique: Admin or standard user. Friday, December 7, 9: I suspect now that the it is a permission problem because old programs also do not work but nobody knows I won’t go into discussing issues with a Beta VS at this point.

Certified is tested by an independent testing authority and has a much higher level requirement of having to pass 32 test cases done by the testing authority. In the window ‘Advance Security Settings for Calais”, deactivate the options ‘Inherit from parent the permission entries that apply to child objects At this point, since I don’t have a repro on this end and we already know of one device that is “works with” Vista and it has issues my suggestion is gempls follows.

Works with info on grmplus device Friday, December 7, During the call of SCardListReaders function an other message was displayed: So you are a lucky guy but it dosn’t solve my problem. Sign in to vote.

Product | Gemplus GemPC PC Express Reader – SMART card reader – ExpressCard

Do you have the latest drivers from the manufacturers of your card readers, and are they explicitly written for Vista? All this drivers have been installed with plug and play.


I have not found anything in internal bug database on a know issue here. First-chance exception at 0xeb09e in ListReaders.

Baker – MSFT 0. My suggestion at this point to try Microsoft main support line or create a partner account on www. Monday, December 3, Also, just out of curiousity, what was you logged in as? Tuesday, November 20, 8: Here’s the smart card info on Winqual http: Contact the manufacturer of each viista or make sure you have their latest driver as least check their website.