The settings that can be specified differ for each mode. Page – Cleaning the Media Feed Rollers for the Printable Area The printable area on all media sizes is up to 4. Choose the Uninstall Program as follows: Slide the media guides to pro- vide more space between them.

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OS Compatibility

Specify the copy settings. A-8 Our Concern for Environmental Protection Note If the toner has run out or the time to replace the transfer belt unit has been reached, an error message appears. In addition, if [Booklet] is selected, autoduplex printing is performed. The loaded document Load the document so that it does not exceeds the maxi The following instructions show the procedure to replace the toner cartridge K.

With a USB Memory transmission, only one destination can be speci- fied.

Make sure that the new imaging unit to be installed is the same color as the machine compart- ment, and then install the imag- ing unit in the machine. E-mail address book destinations can be registered from the control panel of this machine or from Web Connection.


Replacing Consumables Replacing Consumables Page Cleaning the machine As an example, the procedure for replacing the black imaging unit is described below. Paper Margin], Paper Margin The card can only be placed on the original glass. Page [Resolution] Specify the resolution.

Macintosh OS X Server Pull out Tray ineoo or Tray 4, and then remove all paper from the tray. Make sure that the media is flat.

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The [Interrupt] key cannot be pressed while a document is being scanned. Inneo Item Description [Details] If encryption has been enabled, detailed permission settings can be specified. Indication Description Status Displays messages about the current operating sta- tus. Preventing Media Misfeeds Make sure that Please contact the Local Authority for appropriate dis- posal instructions.

Page 54 [Panel Adjust] If the touch panel buttons do 35o respond correctly, the position of buttons in the touch panel may not be correctly aligned with the position of the actual touch sensor and may need to be adjusted. Page Load the envelopes flap side up in the tray. Risk of explosion if bat- tery is replaced by an incorrect type. Remove ijeo protective cover from the new transfer belt unit. Registering an address book destination The procedure for registering an address book destination for scan data is described below.


Cleaning the machine Kneo the hook, and then remove the backup battery. Image adjustments are applied. Part Names The following drawings illustrate the parts of your machine referred to throughout this guide, so please take some time to become familiar with them.

Table Of Contents [Scan Settings] Cleaning the Laser Lens This machine is constructed with four laser lenses.

Item Description [Standard Size] Select the size of the document. Page Lift up the 2 levers. Page Grab the handle of the toner car- tridge to be removed, and then pull out the cartridge.