Page of Go. Click [Browse] to locate the file, and then click [OK]. This User’s Guide describes the overview and usage of functions available by registering an optional license kit to this machine, and functions available by connecting it to an application. Index By Button Index by button Page 55 Image Panel

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Page 93 My Panel Function Reference If a login user is using the Web browser linked to My Panel olivetti d color mf220 the user presses [Web Browser], the Web browser setting and information related to the user is downloaded to the MFP from the server.

Reference When using data saved in a cellular phone or PDA, you cannot check the preview image or edit the data. Toolbar Toolbar The toolbar on the top of the Web Browser screen allows you to perform various operations and configure various settings.

Press Start to send the document. Reference Groups cannot be copied between the public address book and My Address Book. Using the User Box function 5.

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Reference For details on the [Application Menu], refer to page Configuring the Web Browser settings olifetti. If the user authentication is succeeded, the MFP automat- ically accesses the server olivetti d color mf220 obtain My Address Book of the user who is logged in. Table Of Contents 9. Page 54 Using the User Box function Select the check box for olivetti d color mf220 document to be deleted, and then press [Delete].


The cplor information of the User Box is displayed with a list of the documents saved in the User Box.

Operating Image Panel If m220 specify an address, the send tray appears. To use each function effectively, please read this User’s Guide. Users can only view the Web browser opera- tion settings and information.

Customizing My Panel 9. The My Panel Settings screen appears. Customizing the application keys 1 and 2 Select a function to be assigned. Olivetti d color mf220 23 Web Browser Olivetti d color mf220 Overview of each function 2.

Displaying A Document File Printing, displaying, or saving a document file 4. Main menu button The shortcut key displayed in Main Menu is called the main menu button, and up to 12 types can be regis- tered. In the Read Data area, read or retrieve a document.

Olivetti d-Color MF 220 Advanced Manual

Up to two shortcut keys can be laid out. Addresses can be registered using any of the following methods. Select an icon you want to delete. Operating Image Panel 6.


Log in as a public user or registered user, and then select [Direct Print]. Item Description [Color] Specify whether to print originals in color or black-and-white. Customizing the application keys 1 olivetti d color mf220 2 Customizing the application keys 1 and 2 To fit the use status, the function to be assigned to the application keys 1 and 2 can be changed.

Name Description Login Information Displays the user name and icon of the user who is currently olivetti d color mf220 in.

Registering a photo in the address book Registering a photo in the address olivetti d color mf220 From the Web browser on your computer, you can use Web Connection to add photo data to registered one-touch destinations. Registering and editing a destination Group Registering and editing a destination Select one- touch destination to be grouped.