Setting the Event Trap Threshold The Trap Threshold Level determines how many times an event can occur in a ten minute period before it is reported to client Received Event Trap windows. The system makes disk storage appear as if it were a tape drive or tape library and magnetic tape to applications software. Optimize data-driven workflows by reducing both operating and capital costs associated with managing large amounts of file-based data across complex storage environments. Select the Admin menu, point to Portal, then select Modify. It may be minimized, however. The chassis can handle up to twelve tape drives which are mounted in low profile slots at the rear and can be easily removed and replaced.

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Look in the Received Event Traps window to see trap messages.

Quantum Scalar i2000: Tape Library

Working with Categories and Views The Service and Support Website contains a collection of information, including answers to frequently asked questions FAQs. Modifying a Portal You cannot modify the master portal using this tool.

Configuring Policies Configuring Policies The policy engine is an quantum scalar i2000 system that allows AMC to alert persons specified by qiantum administrator that certain SAN conditions have been met.

Libraries in the i-platform series include the Scalar i and the Pathlight VX. You should upgrade both server and quantum scalar i2000 when or if you upgrade, so that the server and the client communicate most effectively.


Quantum Scalar i Specs – CNET

Optional 2N power for all systems and quantum scalar i2000 Diagnostics: If no changes have been made to a view, or the view is not newly created, the Save command is not available. Moving a Category This section describes different ways to move categories. StorageCare Guardian is agent software linking Quantum products back to Quantum support enabling remote service and administration.

Deleting a Portal A portal can be deleted without loss to stored data. Embedded monitoring of major subsystems, self-diagnostic procedures, and policy-based e-mail and pager alerts to system administrators and ADIC Global Services. Refer to Restart on page Scalar LTO tape storage provides the lowest-cost long-term quantum scalar i2000 for archiving and retention, and offline storage to protect quantum scalar i2000 ransomware.

Quantum Scalar i Tape Library – Quantum

If the portal administrator or Note power user have quantum scalar i2000 to a portal with only partial access to the SFM configuration, only the SAN administrator can modify access. If you are moving the item to root, you can point anywhere on the root view line. This is the data panel. Integrated ilayer management software Drive usage reports and media integrity analysis tools for advanced library resource quantum scalar i2000 and diagnostics Advanced scalability with rack-compatible capacity-on-demand growth.


AMC has a structure in place to meet those needs. The Discovery Configuration dialog box opens. Figure 6 shows the Pathlight VX as an expanded node.

Virtual library A system that virtualizes tape drives quantum scalar i2000 libraries. The latest models now support 4Gbps speeds and can also provide port failover with primary and secondary FC ports. New portals appear as subportals in the parent portal list.

Library Operation Drive Interface: Some are SAN-wide in focus: These documents can be found i20000 the product CD or at www. Select Yes if you have made changes to the view that you quantum scalar i2000 to save.

You can retrieve the CFL log file for use as a diagnostic tool.

They are quantum scalar i2000 linked to the management module so the unit can be managed as a single library. Features that must quantum scalar i2000 enabled before you use them are: Technology Partners Resellers Distributors.

Quantum Corporation may scalwr this publication from time to time without notice. The default value is intentionally set to a high number to make certain that all devices on a slow network are discovered.