So yes, avoid any of the cards saddled with the TSOP memory. Any advice would be great. An elaborate heatsink handles all the cooling. The heatsink has to be seen to be believed. BTW, disregard their forum replies, the guys there don’t have a freakin’ clue!

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Finally, the Ultimate is reasonably priced in an affordable segment. The prices you have are a little high compared to what is readily available out there.

More about sapphire radeon xt. BTW, disregard their forum replies, the guys sapphird don’t have a freakin’ clue! So with an equal mix of curiosity and wariness, I agreed to pop a XT into my system.


The heatsink has to be seen to be believed. Standard case fans keep it cool enough. I need advice, what should I do? Ask a new question.

Sapphire XT Fireblade Voltmods | TechPowerUp

Again, the immediate availability of the data versus waiting hours to use it on DVD made this an extremely viable alternative. Going back to a somewhat older game like UT2K3 gives the cards a chance to breathe and churn out some frames. Any advice would be great. Each half rises 30mm from the PCB, and the entire heatsink is 52mm from top to bottom. sapohire


Ati radeon xt Sapphire xt vs ati xt? The v49 patch of the latest installment in the life of Lara Croft introduced a benchmarking demo. The media player displayed a blank screen whereas the PC showed the video in all its compressed glory.

Now I can’t anything that says any differences between these cards. The heatsink cooled the GPU sufficiently to maintain the new core speed throughout an extended test session. The last ATi graphics processor in one of my systems was a 2D-only Mach Just the usual stuff saying that BBA are the best performers.

Yeah, true SOME of them do, and some of them don’t. The U comes out slightly on top in this test. One question for you though, where sapphure you getting your prices? The board uses a compact form factor, so in addition to be being quiet it stays out of the way of stray items on the motherboard.

It covers both sides of the PCB and features a heatpipe between the two halves. Sappire top of those attributes, the card was rock steady throughout our testing and games played on it looked wonderful. My large Antec case has never been a hot runner. There were no stability issues, however the video quality did show some anomalies during the 3DMark game tests. This may not matter much, but just to let you know Sapphire XT mb uses crappy TSOP memory from a no name brand eletron 900xt something.


The sapphie the MB card is for future games that come out. TheGreatGrapeApe Mar 30, This is an entirely subjective test, of course, but after years of NVIDIA-only viewing the difference between the two cards was tangible. Likely the Sapphire comes with at least 3. Not really how long until you need a mb video card but I figured right now with doing the upgrade to my system it was the better choice.

Sapphire Radeon 9600XT Review

Its final, and perhaps best, quality is the fact that it runs silently. Can’t find your answer? As previously noted, Sapphire includes S-Video and Composite cables 6 feet in size.