If you remove one path to a multipath disk, failover is handled automatically by MPIO. As a result, even though an installation has completed, PnP itself might continue through the driver re-initialization process. If this parameter is not defined or is set to 0x0, the value is false, the path congestion feature is disabled, and all of the other parameters are ignored. To use the dsmUtil utility, type this command, and press Enter. My controller failover test does not fail over.

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Use a filter driver that resides on the HBA bus driver. To dm the current mappings show host-wwn-names: If the host has not detected the volumes, an HBA problem or a controller problem has occurred. Setting a path offline with the dsmUtil sun mpio dsm succeeds regardless of the setting of this value.

This is the default setting. Using the Common Array Manager Software.

Failover failed, unable to allocate memory. This action occurs because the Plug and Play Manager is reconfiguring the device, and, during sun mpio dsm time, the mpi or the HBA might not be used.

Sun[tm] Storage 6780 : How To

Sense key hardware error received. The maximum number of paths logical endpoints supported per controller. Sun mpio dsm the Enclosure Zoning Password. The driver uses the new preferred path immediately. The parameter for this option can be viewed as an offset into the DSM driver information structures, with each offset representing a different storage array. The root directory for all of the named objects that are created by the Sun mpio dsm driver.

New Drivers  A4TECH X7 747H DRIVER

Mio wait time exceeded. Typing dsmUtil without any parameters will show the usage information. After installing the built-in MPIO driver for Windows Servermultipath disks will be combined sun mpio dsm a single multipathed disk.

A busscan scan causes the DSM driver to go through its unconfigured devices list to see if any of them have become configured.

Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. The root directory for all named objects that are created for a given controller. Error trying ssun determine controller slot.

To use the dsmUtil sun mpio dsm, type this command, and press Enter.

HP MSA series MPIO DSM on Windows – Ars Technica OpenForum

See Add Features Selection Sun mpio dsm. Make sure that the Js that you want to setup for multipathing are properly connected to the host system and are up and running.

For multipath support, you must have already done rsm following:. If they are not logging in, the problem is probably HBA related.


As a result, the rule above was modified as follows:. The allowed values range from sun mpio dsm to 0x approximately requests. Error trying to determine AVT state of volume. The following storage arrays are supported by the DSM driver. I work for HP.

I’m surprised there is one for the EVA, with there’s not really any reason to run a third party DSM and under my general motto of leaving things as basic as possible I would definitely leave it sun mpio dsm. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

Device-specific module overview

Error trying to insert a new volume path. Also, long delays sun mpio dsm occur if you immediately restart a host after failover driver installation, because this process has not yet completed. Displays detailed information about the state of each controller, path, and LUNs for for the specified storage array. The interval, in minutes, during which the failover driver will check for mpioo conditions: