It comes from a respected supplier; it is small and lightweight, and has an acceptably large 3. It offers only 2 choices of trip planning fastest, and shortest. Its menus were difficult to navigate and inefficiently laid out. Top Threads in Off-topic by ThreadRank. With a long history in providing travel and tourist information in book form, and more recently of developing electronic resources including online driving directions and the ViaMichelin Navigation software for handhelds , the key challenge here would seem to have been getting the hardware right. I had to download the page X manual online. This is only moderately helpful, because, eg, a city street might have a 25 mph limit in one section and 35 mph in another.

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International Cell Phone Service. In terms of actually using the unit, it suffers from significant drawbacks in that area, too.

ViaMichelin Navigation X-930

Slim Cam micro digital camera review. Travel ID and Document Pouches. A cute toy I’ve not had much experience with this type of GPS, I have one which works with my laptop, and is a times better, This unit seems a bit limited, I have used it on my daily travels, back and forth to work, shopping etc, It unlike the one in viamicheljn laptop only allows you to set one destination, with no minor stops on the way.

Nexcell NiMH rechargeable battery kit. Various warning tones can be set to alert you to POIs, and you can also set warnings of driving 9930 on viamichekin types of roads. I pondered that question viamichelin x 930 I opened the box of the new ViaMichelin a division of Michelin X entry-level portable navigation system. Show More Show Viamichelin x 930.


The X went on sale in the US in December Instead, it is displayed as a slanting line from the bottom left viamichelin x 930 of the screen to the top right part of the screen.

The unit turns on voamichelin off instantly viamichelin x 930 is nice, and doesn’t treat you to any warning screens about using the unit carefully when driving, which is even nicer still.

XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. How to Choose a Bluetooth Headset. The Best PC Games.

ViaMichelin X-930

Accuracy calculation No Can the unit show you your current latitude and longitude and compass heading Yes, on the satellite signal vamichelin Can the unit show you your current altitude No Can the unit show you the exact time No – it can show you the time, but it doesn’t seem to synchronize its internal clock with viamichelin x 930 satellite time. Viamichelin x 930 had to download the page X manual online.

A 2-in-1 detachable for the mobile professional. Does it show both miles and kilometers. Google Pixel XL 8.

Via Michelin X GPS receiver review

Skullcandy Link Headset Mixer. The anti-glare screen is quite reflective in bright sunlight, making it hard to view under viamichelin x 930 conditions. Amazon Fire TV Cube review: You can trust your tires to the Michelin Man, so the Viamichelin x 930 ads say, but what about vviamichelin navigation? But, this promise is massively broken. The X does not have a 2D north-up view.


viamichelin x 930 A lightweight notebook for mobile workers. After you take some time to get use to it the product is extremely accurate in getting me to all my locations. Yes – s from quickest or shortest, but you’re not given any information about the distances or times involved.

Next you enter either a town or a ZIP code. Failure here is significant, as it will be many users’ first experience.

When you’re planning a trip, two viamichelin x 930 taps take you to the information entry screen where you can give the ViaMichelin Navigation X either the name of a town or a postcode. I’ve seen some hacks to get tomtom mobile to work on it. The unit had good sensitivity to satellite signals, even inside the vehicle with no external antenna, with at times as many viamichelin x 930 ten satellites being locked on.

It can be set to display instantaneous speed in some display modes, but no other information is available. Viamichelin x 930 of the information we give you here can save you thousands of dollars the next time you’re arranging travel, or will substantially help the quality of your travel experiences in other, non-cash ways. As for what I do not like about this product: